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Start, Lock, or Find

your vehicle from virtually anywhere in the world,
right from your smart phone.
Cimble introduces SecureConnex™ DCM;
a revolutionary solution allowing you and your vehicle to be in constant
communication from anywhere in the world.

Download the App

The SecureConnex mobile app for Apple iOS devices, is now available for immediate download the Apple App store.
 android_play Don't have an iOS device? Don't worry we have you covered. SecureConnex's mobile app is available on the Google Play store as well.

Cimble introduces SecureConnex
The world's most advanced automotive safety, security, remote control, and event notification system all-in-one.



Today SecureConnex customers can track Cimble-powered products via the mobile apps or web based Universal Telematics Servers (UTS) usually within an accuracy of < 20 meters. Examples of other “things” that can be supported by the UTS today include cars, fleets, trailers, containers, cell-phones, tablets, laptops, luggage, even pets and most importantly children.


Your Smartphone just got smarter and your life made a whole lot easier with the SecureConnex mobile application.  It can connect with and access SecureConnex hardware conveniently from the palm of your hand. SecureConnex allows you the ultimate convenience of being able to remotely control a number of your vehicle’s settings - all at your fingertips - on your Smartphone’s touch screen.

Security and Notifications

Users can monitor any pre-set event through the SecureConnex app or web page. Event notifications can be configured to be sent via email, automated telephone call or SMS. For example, users can opt to receive a phone call when their car panic button is pressed (LifeTrack™) , car alarm is tripped, or their teenage driver is speeding or has wandered from school in the middle of the day. Also get service notifications.


Peace of Mind - Convenience, Awareness and Remote Control of your family's

Controls vehicles via your Smartphone

  • Real-Time impact, panic and intrusion notifications
  • Safely lock/unlock your doors from any distance
  • Safely vent vehicle windows
  • SecureConnex will safely start and stop your vehicle's engine remotely
  • Mapped location and personalized safety zone notifications
  • Keep track of your teens driving habits and improve their safety
  • Service Reminders and remote vehicle status and diagnostics
  • Control your car remotely from your iPhone

Download the app and test our live vehicle in the lab. User name: DEMO Password: demo



Hidden expenses of having your car stolen

When your car is stolen, your life is turned upside down. Aside from losing one of your most valuable possessions, you may incur considerable expenses: Insurance deductibles Increased insurance premiums Rental car fees Replacing valuables left in your car Missed work Time spent filing police reports, purchasing a new vehicle and finding alternate means of transportation By investing in a Cimble SecureConnex System, you can help increase the chances of recovering your vehicle and avoiding expenses like these. Plus, you may be able to save on your insurance premiums so make sure to check with your agent for details.

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About vehicle telematics

You may be familiar with the term GPS or Global Positioning System – but vehicle telematics is something that you may have not heard about. By definition, it is the use of computers and telecommunications to improve and enhance the functionality, security and productivity of vehicles and the drivers. Basically, vehicle telematics is the convergence of personal computers, mobile phones, GPS and the Internet. One essential part of vehicle telematics is Vehicle Tracking. A typical vehicle tracking system usually consists of two parts; location hardware – known as vehicle unit or tracking device – and the vehicle tracking software. The tracking device

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